International Cooking Day - winter 2015

The time has come for our favorite event!

Join us for an evening of fun and learning!

Join us for another International Cooking Day!


The event will take place in STREFA Student Canteen (in Łącznik building) - Thursday, 5th of November, at 18:30. It aims to discover traditional dishes and their backgrounds from different regions of Europe.

During our meeting we will organize a cooking contest with special prizes!

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Welcome Week - winter semester 2015/16

Erasmus+ students!

To give you a great start on your study-abroad period at Opole University of Technology, the team of ESN PO, supported by the staff of the International Relations Office, offers you a seven-day Orientation Week!

We kindly invite all exchange students to attend the events!

Click here for more information.

Welcome to Opole

We will soon have the pleasure to welcome 96 new Eramsus+ students who will be studying at our University until the end of winter semester 2015/16.