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International Relations Office

On October 3, a group of Erasmus + students officially joined the academic community of the Opole University of Technology. As in previous years, students from Spain, Portugal and Turkey are the largest group. We also host students from Italy, Belgium and, for the first time in over 8 years, students from Slovenia!

 As every semester, foreign students will gain knowledge at six faculties of our university. Their first impressions about Poland is very positive, students like practically everything, even the rainy aura of the last few days. A few of them said that the weather was great because they were fed up with the constant heat in southern Europe. They are also looking forward to the first snow, for some, the first snow of their lives! Now, for several months, students will study under the supervision of lecturers from the Opole University of Technology, travel around Poland, learn about our culture, customs, typical Polish dishes and, of course, the Polish language.

More information can be found in the University News: 

Studenci Erasmus-a przyjechali na Politechnikę Opolską 

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