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International Relations Office

Dear Students!

We are glad to inform you that our partner university Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal has announced the application period for the 2nd semester BIPs is open.

BIP - BLENDED INTENSIVE PROGRAMME is a blended intensive course that is an innovation in Erasmus+. It is organized in cooperation with several universities from different countries, giving students a chance to develop their competences, broaden their knowledge in a specific field and gain valuable contacts. In frame of BIP, universities use innovative learning and teaching methods, including online collaboration. Students participating in BIP carry out a short physical mobility abroad (usually 5 days) combined with a mandatory virtual component (online classes on a platform indicated by the organizer).


The BIPS that will be available are:

Challenge-Based Innovation (6 ECTS credits) – Application deadline 15/02/2023

Emotional Education (6 ECTS credits) – Application deadline 12/02/2023

Local Public Policies (6 ECTS credits) – Application deadline 12/02/2023

Smart Grids (6 ECTS credits) – Application deadline 19/02/2023

Nature Conservation and Artificial Intelligence (6 ECTS credits) – Application deadline 28/02/2023

Applications to be announced:

Circular Bioeconomy (6 ECTS credits)

Cybersecurity (6 ECTS credits)

More information, dates and contact person details can be found here: 2223S2 bi: p ipb


Students will be given a grant in frame of Erasmus+ programme in the ammount of 70 EUR per each day of physical mobility. 

In addition to staying at the partner university (5 days of physical mobility), participants are required to implement virtual mobility, (online meetings with professors from organizing institutions). To participate, you must report your willingness to the International Relations Office by February 10, 2023 and successfully pass an interview in English. Qualified candidates will have access to the online application

Contact person: Aleksandra Domerecka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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