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International Relations Office


International cooperation in frame of the Erasmus Program is the significant component in the further development of Opole University of Technology. It contributes to the improvement of skills and professional qualifications of the staff and significantly help in providing education at the highest European level.

Dynamic promotion of the University abroad and intensification of cooperation with the regional authorities are to contribute to the increase of the prestige of Opole University of Technology, its development, initiation and implementation of various international projects of scientific research, increase the number of foreign students as well as general improvement of the financial condition of the University.

In order to guarantee a highest quality of education the University:

a. continues its membership in European Federation of National Scientific and Technical Associations (FEANI) to support engineering mobility and integrate interests of the professional of engineers
continues its membership in European Association of Engineering Education (SEFI) that promotes the exchange of information concerning engineering training and intensify cooperation between engineering education institutions an industry



For better cross-border Erasmus cooperation it is planned to improve and intensify international cooperation related to participation in the existing or to-be-created endeavors and alliances as well as in research, cultural and educational projects. Membership in the international consortium PROGRES 3 remains the leading initiative. The consortium unites higher education institutions from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in order to facilitate more efficient planning, management and practical implementation of research projects and to create the environment for more effective experience exchange and better access to innovative research results. Cooperation in the framework of the Consortium will be complementary to activations of the European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation.



Regarding the very fact that in Europe the main measure of internationalization is the balance of academic exchange in the framework of the European mobility program Erasmus the following matters remain and will become important for the University:

  • Thorough promotion and intensification of the mobility of students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle as well as teaching and administrative staff in the LLP Erasmus, Erasmus for All programs and other university exchange programs, including:

    - further increase in the number of students going to study abroad
    - further increase in the number of students going abroad to practice
    - further increase in the number of incoming students
    - further increase in staff mobility for teaching and training purposes (STA - Staff for Teaching Assignment and STT - Staff for Training)
  • Continuation, strengthening and development of cooperation with foreign partners (chosen on the basis of current university needs as well careful verification) leading to mobility of students and university staff as well as launching of Joint Study Programmes and research of international dimension;
  • Continuous skills improvement of university staff including English language skills
  • Establishing partnerships with other universities in the EU countries
  • University promotion abroad to attract international students
  • Development of education offer in English and its adjustment to current market situation
  • Organization and participation of students and teaching staff in Erasmus Intensive Programmes), including maintenance of cooperation with European partner universities on following IPs: Intensive Programme Entrepreneurship and HERCULES - Let`s Exchange HERitage of our CULture – Drawing as Communication Tool of. Students of Architecture/Engineers from European. UniversitieS
  • Development of significance and prestige ofErasmus Partnership Conference EPiC organized on annual basis to promote and improve the actions implemented in the framework of the Erasmus programme
  • Organization of cultural and integration events for international students
  • Constant cooperation in already started and to further actions towards launching Joint Studies Programmes with most important partner universities in Europe
  • Development of student MENTOR program in order to guarantee better service for international student
  • The development of cooperation with real estate agencies in order to provide accommodation for foreign students



  • Conduct promotional activities in order to attract and enroll international students Erasmus
  • Promotion of international activity and achievements of students and scientists

Promotional activities:

  • Participation in international education fairs
  • Editing, publication and distribution of IRO News newsletter, University Brochure, Handbook for International Students and thematic flayers and posters
  • Selection of promotional materials to be used
  • Keeping an attractive and informative website in both Polish and English
  • Carrying out social networking i.e., Facebook, YouTube, VKontaktie for the purpose of both promotion and communication with international students and partners
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