Erasmus International Week 2018 - IUT of Valence

Zapraszamy pracowników Politechnika Opolska do zapoznania się z ofertą międzynarodowej konferencji Erasmus International Week - IUT of Valence:

"We have the pleasure of inviting all interested Academic staff to our Erasmus International Week to be held at the IUT of Valence from 3 - 7 December 2018. This international week will be the opportunity to bring together lecturers from our partner universities with our own students and staff. We will get to know one another better by sharing knowledge, experiences and good practice. It will also be the opportunity to present to you our new certificate in international tourism management ‘French Art de Vivre’, a course that takes place each autumn semester and is taught fully in English.

During the week, we would like to explore and discuss with you how to promote sustainable tourism and local economic development. The week includes excursions when you will have the opportunity to discover places of interest around Valence and meet with professionals from the local tourism sector.

In accordance with the Teaching Staff Mobility programme, we would like to invite you to give lectures or workshops in any business-related field of study e.g. marketing, management, company strategy, economics, finance but also in IT …. or simply to improve our students’ business-related language skills. One of our important aims is to promote mobility by giving our students “international exposure” through lectures and presentations by our partner Universities".

Rejestracja na wydarzenie możliwa pod adresem:…/erasmus-international-week/

International week 2018 Valence

Zaproszenie na interdyscyplinarną konferencję - biznes, logistyka, IT i inżynieria

Nasza partnerska uczelnia - Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, zaprasza pracowników Politechniki Opolskiej do wzięcia udziału w konferencji MOBILITY IN A GLOBALISED

"The Faculty of Business Administration at our university would like to invite their colleagues from your institutions to a conference, which will take place in our city - Muelheim an der Ruhr - this September".



Intensywny kurs języka włoskiego

University for Foreigners Perugia przedstawia ofertę intensywnego kursu języka włoskiego. Program kursu przygotowany został z myślą o przyszłych studentach programu Erasmus. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze szczegółami szkoły letniej. Termin aplikowania mija 27 Sierpnia 2018. Szczegółowy program do pobrania.