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The student and graduate mobility for traineeship under the Erasmus+ Programme can be realized at the foreign enterprise/institution registered in one of the European Union Member States, Turkey, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Republic of North Macedonia. The plan of traineeship needs to be in relation to applicant’s field of study. The applicant can find the place of traineeship on his/her own. The traineeship cannot take place at EU institutions, institutions related to the management of EU funds or diplomatic institutions and representations of participant’s country.



Students from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree of studies and single-stage studies (also part-time students) who have completed at least first year of first-cycle studies, have completed the semester preceding the student mobility as well as the university graduates may participate in Traineeship in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme. The graduates have 12 months (starting from the day of graduation) for completing their traineeship, however the application should be submitted before the end of studies.



Upon the start of the student mobility, the student may not be on leave nor be subject to disciplinary proceedings.



A student/graduate holding a citizenship other than a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area is required to read the regulations on entering the territory of the host country in connection with the planned stay as an Erasmus + scholarship holder.



The student/graduate is asked to provide the obtained information by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than one month before the planned date of departure.



The student has the possibility of multiple participation in the program, taking into account that the maximum length of stay on the scholarship amounts to a total of 12 months for each cycle of education (max. 12 months during the 1st cycle, max. 12 months during the 2nd cycle and the max. 12 months during the 3rd cycle). Students of single-cycle studies, such as Physiotherapy can be mobile up to 24 months. The duration of stay includes previous participation in the LLP-Erasmus and Erasmus + programmes.



The minimum period of stay at the host institution is 2 months. 



The destination countries covered by the Erasmus+ programme have been divided into 3 groups depending depending on the cost of living. The following grant rates were assigned:

Group I: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and countries of the region 14 – 820 EUR per month

Group II: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy and countries of the region 13 – 820 EUR per month

Group III: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary – 750 EUR per month

The scholarship is guaranteed for the 3 months of training. In case of the exchange lasting longer than 3 months, student/graduate should apply to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator for prolongation of financial support.





The recruitment process continues throughout the academic year. The applicant is obliged to inform the faculty coordinator about the intention to participate in the recruitment interview. The coordinator will sign the application form available for download on the website of the International Relations Office. Next, a convenient date and time for the interview should be agreed with an employee of the International Relations Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Before the interview, applicant should confirm in the Student Service Center the data in the application form.



Application form, CV and cover letter (CV and letter in a foreign language - English or German) should be taken to the interview . Recruitment of students for traineeship is carried out by employees of the International Rlations Office. In the process of assessing the candidate and qualifications for the student mobility the following issues are taken into account:

  • high motivation of the student to complete the traineeship at the host institution,
  • profile of the host institution corresponding to the student's field of study and specialization,
  • adequate language proficiency (English or other language in which traineeship will be conducted at a host institution)
  • average grade from the entire course of study (confirmed by Student Service Center - COS employee in the application form)
  • formal criteria (student status, completed the first year of first-cycle studies, the student cannot be be on leave)
  • previous participation in the LLP Erasmus or Erasmus + programme, including the length of the student mobility, as well as the number of ECTS credits planned to be obtained and obtained during the mobility
  • involvement in university matters (membership in student organizations, science clubs, supporting foreign student staying at the Opole University of Technology – MENTOR OUTech, etc.



The International Relations Office is obliged to prepare the list of students qualified for the student mobility, the reserve list and the list of unqualified students on the basis of conducted interviews.



The maximum number of students qualified for the student mobility for traineeship depends on the amount of funding granted to the university by the National Agency of the Erasmus + Programme and the European Solidarity Corps in a given academic year.



Students who have not qualified for the mobility have the right to appeal in writing against the decision of the recruitment commission.





Students qualified for the mobility receive general instructions on how to proceed in order to complete the application procedures from the IRO employee.

The basic document necessary for mobility under Erasmus+ is the Learning Agreement (LA) - describing the details of the internship program and skills that the student will acquire during the mobility. The template of the document is available above on the page.  



One month before the planned departure, qualified students shall submit to the International Relations Office:

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship (1 copy) signed by the student, Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator and host institution,
  • bank Account Form - PLN and EUR (check the top of the page, section: DOCUMENTS),
  • a copy of the required insurance (minimum health insurance and accident insurance).

Students wishing to carry out an Erasmus+ traineeship during the semester should first obtain the consent of the Dean of their faculty for Individual Organization of Studies. The Individual Organization of Studies application form is available on the Student Service Center website. After obtaining the Dean's official consent, a scan of it should be sent to the IRO employee.



All changes made to the Learning Agreement require confirmation in writing and acceptance of the host institution, home university and student. Changes are to be made by completing "During the Mobility" document, so-called "Changes to the Original Learning Agreement" which is an integral part of the Learning Agreement. Changes are possible within 1 month from the start of the students/graduate traineeship.



The final confirmation of the student's participation in the mobility is Learning Agreement for a Traineeship signed by the host institution, sending institution and the student and signing grant agreement with the International Relations Office of the Opole University of Technology.



In order to train language competences, an outgoing student can take a language proficiency test.A link to the Online Language Support platform will be sent by a IRO employee. After completing the test, the student will receive access to a free online course in English or another selected language available on the platform.



Students/graduates on traineeship may apply for an extension of their mobility (up to a maximum of ten months if the internship lasts only two months). Consent to extend the stay does not guarantee receiving a grant for the period resulting from the extension.



In order to extend the stay, the following documents should be sent to IRO within 1 month before the end of the original traineeship period:

  • changes to the Learning Agreement for Traineeship for the second semester approved by all 3 parties
  • consent to extend the time of Individual Organization of Studies (if applicable)
  • insurance for second semester (minimum health insurance and accident insurance),
  • information about legalization of stay (if necessary).



The decision to co-finance the stay during the traneeship extension period will be made on the basis of the student's/graduate's application sent to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator at the Opole University of Technology.



It is allowed to prolong the mobility and stay abroad without the grant.



The student undertakes to obtain before leaving the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and insurance (medical costs, accident insurance) for the duration of travel and stay at the host university. In addition, in justified cases, the student/graduate will be required to purchase third party liability insurance.



Prior the departure to the host institution, the student is obliged to sign a grant agreement in the International Relations Office. Failure to sign the grant agreement in time proposed by the International Relations Office is equivalent with resignation from the right to a receive a grant in a given academic year.





The grant under the Erasmus + Programme is intended to cover additional costs related with travel and stay at the host institution. The grant awarded to student is lower than the cost of living in the destination country. In connection with the above, the student applying for the student mobility has to take into account the real costs related to the Mobility.



During the Erasmus + traineeship mobility the student may not receive another grant financed by the European Union funds.



Payment of national scholarships (social, for academic performance and other) to which the student acquired the right before the departure will be continued during the student's stay at the host university. After returning to the home university, the student has the right to apply for national scholarships.



Students entitled to a social scholarship in the academic year preceding their Erasmus mobility will receive additional funding (determined for a given project by the National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program and the European Solidarity Corps) for each month of their stay abroad.



Persons with a certified degree of disability will receive additional funding (determined for a given project by the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program and the European Solidarity Corps) for each month of stay abroad. Students with disabilities may apply for additional financial support from the National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program and the European Solidarity Corps.



If the travel conditions are defined as "green travel", students are entitled to receive individual support for the cost of living during the travel - up to a maximum of 4 additional days and a one-off amount of EUR 50.

Green travel should be understood as a travel with an ecological means of transport that meets the following criteria:

  • distance from the home university is in the range of 100-3999 km,
  • the majority of travel (at least 51% round-trip) are made using clean, (low-emission, sustainable) means of transport.

Means of transport recognized as green travel:

  • bus
  • train
  • carpooling (joint travel of people on the same route, for the same purpose, in the car of one of the co-passengers)

Means of transport not considered as green travel:

  • plane
  • ship
  • boat
  • ferry
  • car (single person)
  • motorbike





Within 30 days from the end of the student mobility, the participant is obliged to:

  • deliver to the International Relations Office a certificate confirming the length of stay at the host institution - Confirmation of Stay,
  • deliver to the International Relations Office a Report from the Traineeship (at least 1 page A4 long),
  • complete the Erasmus+ Survey (a link to the survey is sent automatically to the e-mail address provided by the beneficiary in the application form).

If the student will not meet the deadline (mentioned above) the International Relations Office will apply for the reimbursement of the grant.



In the event of  failure to comply with the terms agreed in the Learning Agreement, IRO may decide (after consulting the Vice-Dean for didactics of the relevant Faculty) to repay part or all of the received grant.





Students qualified for the mobility will be given the opportunity to participate in a free online language course on the Online Language Support (OLS) platform. Linguistic support is available for English or another language of your choice available on the platform (e.g. the language of the country where the mobility will take place).



In cases not covered by these regulations, the final decisions are made by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.

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