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International Relations Office

  1. An application form (printout from the Online Registration System )

The document has to be printed out from the candidate’s account in the online registration system and signed.

  1. Secondary school leaving certificate (candidates for bachelor programmes) / original bachelor or master diploma (candidates for MA programmes) and supplement with grades

In case of application to first or second-cycle studies – the original secondary school certificate or another document (with a complete list of final grades), entitles to undertake university-level study in the country in which the certificate/document was issued.

In case of application to second-cycle studies – the higher education diploma (master, bachelor, engineer diploma or equivalent) with a full list of grades obtained during the study, entitles to continue university-level study in the country in which the diploma was issued.

  1. Legalization / Apostille

You have to have your secondary school certificate/diploma legalised (authorised) and recognised in Poland.

Legalization / Apostille is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a public document is genuine.


if a country in which a given document was issued is a party to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, concluded in the Hague, 5 October 1961, the document’s legalisation is replaced by an Apostille certificate attached to it.


In the case of documents issued in states that are not parties to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

The legalisation is done by the Ministry of Education in the country of origin and the consul of the Republic of Poland who has jurisdiction over the state in the territory of which, or in the education system in which the given certificate was issued.

Non-legalized documents will not be accepted.

  1. Certified translation into Polish of education documents (after arrival to Poland)

Original certified translations into the Polish language (or English language if a candidate undertakes studies provided in English) of all the documents listed issued in a language other than English.

Please note that if your school certificate needs to be recognized by the province education board it should be translated into Polish.

  1. Eligibility Statement

It is a formal document that your currently provided education documentation, allows you to continue higher education in the educational system in which it was issued.

Bachelor Level

It is a document confirming that your secondary school leaving certificate officially entitles you to enter tertiary (university) education in the country where you graduated with Bachelor's studies. It should contain a statement like:

The certificate no.<number of the certificate> entitles its holder, Mr./Ms. <name of student> to continue education at tertiary (university) level in <name of country>.”

Master Level

It is a document with confirmation that the B.Sc. degree that you have officially entitles you to enter Master's studies in the country where you graduated from Bachelor's studies. It should contain a statement like:

The B.Sc. diploma no. [number of your certificate] entitles its holder, Mr/Ms  [your name] to continue studies at the Master's level in [name of the country where you graduated from Bachelor studies].

It can be issued by your secondary school, the ministry of education of the country of the university, and sometimes also by the Polish Embassy in the country of the university or the Embassy of the country of the university in Poland.

  1. English language proficiency certificate (if the secondary education or bachelor’s degree was not held in English)
  2. B2 English language certificate for bachelor’s degree studies and B2+ English language certificate for master’s degree studies.
  3. A digital photo in the IRK system
  4. Copy of passport with visa
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